Recent News

Welcome Back

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new families and welcome back all of our families for the 2021 school year.

Student Support Group Meetings

(Pupil free day)  The school will be using its second pupil free day to conduct the first Student Support Group (SSG) meeting which will be taking place on Friday February 26th. Please note that there will be no students at school on this day.

School improvements

Over the holiday period, synthetic grass was installed in the learning space courtyard. This project was funded through donation and community partnerships.

School Council call for nominations

I am calling for nominations for the two vacant parent member category positions on school council for the term of March 2021- February 2022. If you decide to nominate, you can arrange for someone to nominate you as a candidate or you can nominate yourself in the Parent category.

Emergency contact

It is imperative that all students have an available emergency contact provided to the school. In the case of an emergency, primary contacts will be contacted initially. If we are unable to contact the primary carer/s, the emergency contact will be used.