Southside Café Program

Senior students will be embarking on an exciting new learning program this year, and we can’t wait to get started!

Once a week the new Homecrafts room, will become the Southside Café. Serving classroom groups, a limited range of food items that will meet all mealtime plans and dietary requirements. The focus, however, is not the food. but rather a range of social skills for all students – our Café workers and customers. These skills tie directly into our SWPBS School expectations, for example, learning to; responding to our name, tolerating others, expressing needs / wants and dislikes, waiting for a turn, following instructions by familiar adults, and willingness to try new things. The café will provide an interim step to real world experiences, where behaviours can be taught and explicitly modelled by staff in a fully supported environment, including the use of each students’ mode of communication. There is also a focus on financial literacy, and the opportunity to practise skills in role play by using a personal ‘credit card’ to tap on the eftpos machine. For senior students, there will be the opportunity to develop skills of daily living and work, helping them prepare for post – school experience.