NDIS information exchange meeting

At Bayside SDS we recognise the benefit of community therapists sharing information to support processes and, where applicable, to provide consistent strategies and resources.

Parents/carers/guardians can request a therapist/s to attend an information exchange meetings. This is a verbal handover and exchange. Documentation related to student progress,  including cognitive assessments, school reports, and personalised plans will not be provided to NDIS therapists by the school. Parents are responsible for the dissemination of this documentation.

Our expectation is that the therapist has had a minimum of two face-to-face meeting with the child prior to engaging with the school.

These requests:

  • Are directed to and approved by the school co-ordinator (Tania Castro Millas )
  • Can be in writing, email or phone call. Written parent consent and documentation will be required prior to any school related appointments

 Appointment times are confirmed upon receipt of required paperwork. Please contact the school via Seesaw or phone if you would like to receive a copy of the pre meeting form.