Post school

Post School Planning


Preparation prior to turning 18



Parents are encouraged to talk to their NDIS local area coordinator to become an NDIS nominee. This process can take up to 4 months .


Disability Support Pension

Once your child turns 16, they are eligible for the Disability Support Pension. Contact Centrelink 

Prior to the age of 18, parents should confirm that they are Centrelink nominees. This should occur when you applied for the disability pension. 



Check with your child’s bank as you may need to become an appointed administrator through VCAT.  The VCAT procedure is very straightforward. Simply call VCAT and discuss how to apply. This may be completed through the guardianship hub. There is annual financial reporting to be submitted through the hub and the order is granted for one to three years.

VCAT email: Phone: 1300 01 8228


Transition Process transition to post-school life.


From 2018 the responsibility for selecting suitable post-school providers passed to families.

We encourage parents and guardians to start planning 2 – 3 years before their child graduates form school.


In the final year of schooling, it may be useful to create a short list of the providers you are interested in and make an appointment to visit each service. Consider your child’s needs and aspirations, as well as location/ transport. 

A rating scale to compare providers may be useful e.g.

5          Fits all of my needs

4          Fits most of my needs

3          Fits some of my needs

2          Fits a few of my needs

1          Does not fit any of my needs



From Term 3


  1. Providers visit school to meet student and talk with staff (if there are no restrictions in place.
  2. Senior Department leader liaises with providers to arrange trial visit to service
  3. The school will provide an ES staff member for the initial trial visit, beyond that parents fund their own support worker for further transition visits.


Below is a list of Post School providers that support a broad range of ability levels from day placement options, individualised support or employment pathways.