Senior School Program

The focus for the students is on further developing personal and social capabilities and supporting positive interactions with peers.  Staff continue to develop and consolidate communication skills, using the most appropriate Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system for each student.  Numeracy and Literacy continue to be the major focus, with teaching and learning differentiated based on each student’s needs.  The health curriculum focuses on social safety and puberty to support student understanding and to maximise their independence in their own personal care.  Physical Education continues to be a key learning area for students, with the opportunity to access movement programs in the multi-purpose hall, gymnasium, bike-riding, swimming and/or hydrotherapy and in the well-equipped outdoor learning spaces. 


Supporting a broad range of students,  the Senior School program focuses on developing a repertoire of skills that contribute to independence, social competence and quality of life, as students prepare for adulthood post- school. Student voice and agency through decision-making and self-advocacy is supported and encouraged.


Student abilities at every level are valued and respected with achievements celebrated through awards for Student of the Week and participation in the annual City of Kingston Award, Clare O’Neil Community Spirit and Leadership Award and the Lorraine Francis Community Award.


A Graduation ceremony celebrates the end of school for 18+ students.



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