Intensive interaction

Bayside Special Developmental School is known as Australia’s ‘Centre of Excellence’ in Intensive Interaction. When student assessments indicate that a student would benefit from being more socially or communicatively successful, Intensive Interaction is prioritised within their English; ‘Speaking and Listening’ learning or the support they are given through the ‘Personal and Social’ section of the Victorian curriculum

What is Intensive Interaction?

Intensive Interaction is a teaching and learning approach designed to help people whose complex intellectual disabilities result in difficulties understanding and recognising language or how to interact socially. The focus is on providing opportunities for students to be supported learn from frequent and successful experiences of the ‘Fundamentals of Communication’, which include enjoying being with other people; focussing attention on them; sharing a focus of attention; taking turns and exploring what communication with them might be. Staff and family members using this approach focus on sharing students’ interests to create motivating teaching and learning opportunities. Intensive Interaction teaches and develops social success through interaction and shared communication with someone who is already good at it and who works on the basis that engagement is the medium in which learning takes place.







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