We are doing what we can to support families with the NDIS process. As a school, we provide the following:

  • A letter for families to include in their NDIS application to support the process;
  • With parental consent:
    • observation of the student in the classroom by an external Allied Professional engaged by the student’s family (external provider);
    • communication between school therapy team and external providers via termly information exchange meetings ( these must be applied for and booked through the school assistant principal


DET guidelines indicate that for an external provider to meet with a student on a school site, the student requires staff supervision (for Duty of Care).

As a result, the following is not possible at Bayside Special Developmental School in or outside of school hours:

  • 1:1 student sessions, such as therapy, counselling, etc... with an external provider;
  • Provision of a space for an external provider to meet with a student 1:1



NDIS information exchange Pre meeting form.docx.doc