About Us

Bayside Special Developmental School (SDS) is located in the City of Kingston in the suburb of Moorabbin, in the south-east of Melbourne. The school is approximately 15 kilometres from the Melbourne Central Business District. The school was established in 1986, on the site of the former Moorabbin High School. The school was re-built at the end of 2019 and we are fortunate to have new purposely designed buildings for learning and administration.  Plans for 2021 include the development of specialist rooms for art, home crafts, library and therapy in the final stage.


Bayside Special Developmental School (SDS) provides a range of educational and therapeutic programs for students aged 2.8 to 18 years, who have moderate to severe intellectual disabilities. A number of students have multiple disabilities including autism, physical or sensory impairments and conditions requiring medical interventions and management.


Bayside SDS provides a curriculum based on the F-10 Victorian Curriculum and includes the ‘Towards Foundation Level Victorian Curriculum’, referred to as ‘Levels A to D’.  It provides students with access to curriculum content and standards that enable progression toward the learning described at Foundation level.  Levels A to D focus on progressing students from awareness to intentional engagement in learning. These levels are not associated with any age or set year level. All students have a Personalised Learning Plan (PLP), based on the learning areas and levels of development of individual students.


Key directions for the next School Strategic Plan:

  1. English and mathematics outcomes for every student
  2. Curriculum, instructional practice and assessment
  3. ICT curriculum and practices across the school
  4. Instructional leadership
  5. Student voice, agency and leadership
  6. Student engagement and wellbeing, including personal and social capabilities
  7. School-wide positive behaviour support.