1. Parents must provide documentation and evidence that demonstrate that their child has a severe disability.  This evidence may be from a range of medical professionals or alternative early childhood/intervention service
  2. Only children aged between 2 years and 8 months and 4 years and 8 months as at January 1st of the year of entry are eligible for the program.
  3. Places will be offered at the discretion of the Principal or delegate with priority given to the following criteria:
  • Date of placement on waitlist or enrolment ( please note that a school tour must be conducted with the child in attendance prior to joining the waitlist)
  • Severity of disability
  • Exceptional family circumstances
  • Families living within the designated school transport zone.
  1. Prospective families living outside the school zone will be informed of similar programs within their designated zone.



The following enrolment criteria have been specified and approved by the Regional Director, South East Victoria Region (as the Minister’s delegate) under section 2.2.16(b) of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic).

The enrolment criteria have been determined based on the identified education needs of students in the community. A student’s enrolment will be reviewed periodically in line with their needs.

Students seeking to enrol must have:


Intellectual Disability

A diagnosis of Intellectual Disability from a registered psychologist evidenced by:


A. General intellectual functioning which is demonstrated by a full-scale score of three standard deviations or more below the mean score on a standardised individual test of general intelligence; (IQ score 55 or below)



B. Significant deficits in adaptive behaviour established by a composite score of two   standard deviations or more below the mean on an approved standardised test of adaptive behaviour,(for example a Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales composite score of 70 or below);



C. A history and evidence of an ongoing problem with an expectation of continuation during the school years.



Applications from students who do not meet the above criteria will be considered on a case-by- case basis by the region, in consultation with the Principal, in consideration of the student’s education and support needs. The Regional Director, South East Victoria Region must approve enrolments for students who do not meet the eligibility criteria.


Pre-Enrolment Form